What to Know About Getting a Pixie Haircut

There are moments when your hair gets stuck to your face and neck from sweat and you wish they were all gone. Pixie haircuts for women are now very popular and they are perfect for when you don’t want to deal with the summer heat. Here are some things you should know before getting a pixie haircut.

High or Low Maintenance

So my first tip is to figure out if you are high maintenance or low maintenance hair girl. With short hair sometimes you can get away with a wash and go and sometimes you have to style it in order for it to look right. A low maintenance hairstyle I would say is a very short plastic pixie cut like Anne Hathaway and Natalie Portman. You basically can get some wax or something and just add a little bit to put some texture into it and that’s basically all you have to do. A higher maintenance hairstyle really depends on your hair texture and the way your hair grows and things like that. A long pixie haircut for women needs a little bit more effort in styling.

How Short

You need to figure out how short you want the hair to be. Again referencing Natalie Portman and Anne Hathaway they have that super short twiggy plastic pixie cut and that’s very short. Another super short haircut would be like a Miley Cyrus undercut where the sides are all pretty much shaped down but then there is some like flames on the top. With short haircuts, there are so many variations it doesn’t have to necessarily mean a pixie cut it can also mean a bob. So if it’s your first time getting your hair cut short I totally would recommend starting off slowly just so it is not such a big huge shock factor and just in case you realize you are not a short haired type of girl.

Know Your Hair Texture And Your Face Shape

If you have trouble trying to figure out what your hair texture is you can go into a salon for a consultation. Just call ahead to make sure that it is free and that they give consultation. So they can let you know your hair texture, how thick it is, the way it grows, what kind of cut your hair will suit better and what it won’t suit, and they can also let you know your face shape as well. If you already know all that information about your hair and your face shape you can go ahead and google celebrities that have similar hair textures to you or similar face shape to you so you can kind of get an idea of what hairstyles may suit you as well. Check here.

Get Reference Pics That Cover All Angles

With that I mean when you find a haircut online try to find as many examples as possible from the front, left, right, and the back of the hairstyle. You want to cover all angles 360 because you don’t want to just bring one angle into your style. Say this is what you want but then you are not quite sure what is going on the other side what the style actually looks like you can head to Pinterest, Google, or even Instagram.