10 Chic Pixie Haircuts


Considering trimming your hair? Pixie hair is the best. While going shorter can be liberating and absolutely refresh your general look, it takes guts. The unnerving part used to develop it out (the good gracious minute). Presently it’s more about inclination uncovered, stripped without our typical locks.

  1. The Undercut

Maye Musk and TildaSwinton have this long to finish everything, freshly short-beneath bi-levelstyle. The superlong top segment is the thing that gives this cut adaptability. You can swoop it up in a pompadour-like wave, make asideswept blast, or get over it back and the face. One wakeup call: Do not give any beautician a chance to talk you into shaving the undercut part or completing a “blur.”

  1. Etched Bob

The cut is essentially a jaw length layered weave with graduated layers at the neck and snacked layers underneath. You can complete a side part and tuck all behind the ears for a smooth look, explode dry it huge on top for bunches of show and volume, or smooth it off the face with styling grease for amazingly, one more variety.

  1. Gamine Crop

Delicate, wavy rings around forehead, ears,and scruff give normally ripply hair a female, kind of French look. Frances McDormand has the run-my-hands-through-it easygoing style that works with this cut. In case you’re vacillating, stick them back up for a trial like Lauren Hutton does. It’s a low upkeep. Basically, apply mousse to wet hair to empower twist, and let it dry without anyone else. Run wet hands through to resuscitate when required.

  1. Ultra-Short Cap

A striking hack of head-embracing small layers — like the ones shaken by Judi Dench and Robin Roberts — is elegantly contemporary. Dench inclines toward piece-y wisps around the hairline and ears coordinated toward the face, while Roberts styles her trim thoroughly off the face with additional lift at the crown. Forehead definition with pencil and powder is an essential move for close trims that are more face than hair.

  1. Spiky Pixie

It’s those gutsy stand-up strands at the crown that make the alternate routes of Jamie Lee Curtis and Iris Apfel’s tense, as opposed to sweet. Curtis decreases her stick-straight style to uncover ears, however Apfel favors long piece-y segments before her ears and at the scruff. Tweaking a trim to suit your inclinations is dependent upon you, not your beautician. Continuously look in three-route reflect before and after you get a cut, and talk about specifics with your beautician. Rub a small piece of delicate styling wax or grease between your fingertips to help with the phenomenal bits. Try not to spike it an excess of — nobody needs a porcupine look!

  1. Wavy Crop

From Annette Bening’s tousled springs to Viola Davis’ firmly finished loops, twists make going short glitz. The two looks advantage from master cutting, diffuser drying and saturating styling creams for definition. Utilize a hair curler or hot rollers to upgrade or reestablish ricochet to frizz-inclined looser twists or those gone level at the roots.

  1. Short New Bob

Looks can be beguiling. What has all the earmarks of being an exemplary jaw length bounce currently has imperceptible layers underneath to include oomph. With a spot of the level iron, a short weave goes twisty or wavy, similar to Helen Mirren’s hair. Cajole a wavier impact with a texturizing shower, or utilize a hair curler to winding in arbitrary waves — let cool and say a final farewell to your fingers.

  1. Rich Shag

Prepared to go from long to medium — yet not exactly prepared for a noteworthy cut? Do it in stages. Martha Stewart and Diane Sawyer sport cleaned current looks that work for straight, wavy or wavy hair.

  1. Short Bobbed ‘Locks

Thick, ropy button length fears like those of Doria Ragland (Meghan Markle’s mother) and Whoopi Goldberg — whether characteristic or salon-made — change great bounces and heaves. In the event that you have long thin weightier dreadlocks that include footing at the hairline, enjoy a reprieve and afterward change to this shorter, lighter adaptation. Learn more.

  1. Blasts

While not actually an “easy route,” blasts are a section cut to going shorter — regardless of if your hair is for quite some time, heaved or bounced. Just pulling whatever is left of your hair back with full padded blasts will give you the vibe of going short. Become accustomed to it that way.


At 50 or more, hair might be somewhat more slender, and Pixie hair puts recently developed necks noticeably in plain view. Be that as it may, don’t let that stop you! Here are 10 different ways to cleave chic and cherish it.

What you Need to Know Before and After Going Blonde

In this article I will be discussing all the things that I think any natural should know before and after going blonde.

Put Oils in Your Hair

Prior to bleaching your hair or coloring your hair in any way in the first place is you can put oils in your hair, leave them on overnight and then the next day whenever you are going to color your hair you put it on over the oil. This basically creates like a barrier or a protective layer around your hair and even your scalp from all the chemicals that you’ll be putting in it when you color your hair.

What you Will Need

Another thing you should definitely know before bleaching your hair or coloring your hair is the cost of getting all the materials you’ll need to do it. You will need a mixing bowl, an application brush, a whole entire pack of latex gloves, a pack of shower caps, two packs of quick blue bleaching powder, two developing creams and the Willa toner.

Texture Change

The very first thing you will notice after going blonde is that the texture of your hair is going to change a lot like your curl pattern would be a lot more loose than it naturally is. Your hair is going to change in texture it’s going to change in porosity and how it feels. Also your hair will be super dry to a level you have never felt before in your life. You can remedy the drying by using more moisturizing products.

Your Hair will Respond to Products Differently

Another thing that you might notice after going blonde is that your hair responds to products way differently than they did prior to going blonde or you’ll find yourself needing to use more products or even less products. For some people, their hair becomes very itchy after going blonde. More details here: https://it.pinterest.com/pin/97531148160037077/?lp=true

Use Hot Oil Treatments to Keep Your Hair Moisturized

One of the best ways you can keep your bleached hair moisturized is through hot oil treatments. A hot oil treatment is as simple as literally at night grab your favorite oil rub it in your hands, thoroughly distribute it throughout your whole head, put a shower cap on, put a scarf on over the shower cap and go to sleep. So what happens with the shower cap is that it’s trapping the heat obviously keeping this scar from the do-rag on top of it is going to further trap in the heat but it’s also going to keep the shower cap from slipping off in the middle of the night or oil getting all over your pillowcase which would be kind of disgusting. I definitely do like this like a super quick and simple easy way. In the morning do not wash your hair with shampoo just go wash your hair using a conditioner and your hair will feel super moisturized, shiny, lively and look super healthy.


Another thing that you’ll want to keep in mind is co-washing is going to be your friend. You do not want to use shampoos that are going to strip all the moisture and oil out of your hair. This might start sounding really redundant, but you want to get away from your hair being dry as much as possible so you want to use every measure that you possibly can to keep your hair super moisturized and one of the ways you can do that is just by co-washing your hair which is using a conditioner to wash your hair. We all know that shampoos are there to clean your hair but as for cleaning your hair they’re also taking away oils that your hair needs to just be shiny and healthy and not dull and so the less you do of that, the better it will be for the basic feel and look of your hair so your hair won’t look dry and frizzy and it also won’t feel super dry.

Once you’re blonde you’re in the perfect position to play around with other colors, obviously if your hair is naturally a darker color you’re going to have a harder time playing around with even temporary colors. I feel like all these things will help you in making your decision and what you need to know before and after going blonde.

4 Ways Your Hairstyle Says A Lot About You


We are all born with only so much hair and no matter what, we are never really happy with it. It never long enough or its too short its always too something. We change the hairstyle often, the color, straighten it, curl it, always giving it a new style.

First-time expression

Your hairstyle says a lot about you to the person you are meeting for the first time. Think about it, have you ever met someone, and you can’t keep looking them in their eyes because they have amazing hair? Or the opposite they have something different, like a streak of grey or roots showing, or streaks of some bright off the wall color? If you are a business person, your hairstyle needs to reflect that you are in control, confident, and proud of what you do

It gives a clue of your age

There are hairstyles that the youth are attracted to, but as they get older, they begin to get attracted to a new look. Women, on the other hand, don’t think that way when it comes to graying hair. We tend to freak out at finding a single gray one! If graying is a problem for you, then its time to talk with your hair stylist on a color that most closely matches yours now. Check here.

Knowledge of Style and fashion

The kind of hairstyle you put on shows your knowledge about style trends and fashion. Stand in front of a mirror and take a good look at your hair, does your hairstyle really fit you? Have you changed your style or is it the same style you have had since high school? As we grow older, the style we had in high school will probably not work today. Our face shape changes as we get older, so the style of your hair needs to reflect that.

If you lost weight, your hairstyle was probably better for when your face was rounder, now with a thinner face you need to change the style of your hair to show off a new you! The same reason also works if you just broke up with someone, we tend to want to say we are going to “wash that man right out of our hair” and that means get a new style that says we are ready to try again. Same goes for color, do you have the same color as you did say two years ago? Much can change in that time so you may want to update your color as well.

Your Lifestyle

Your hairstyle also shows your lifestyle, if you are a corporate individual or an entertainer the can of hairstyle you put on will tell. Taking the time to really look at your hairstyle, thinking about the amount of time you want to take, and if a new color or style would suit you is something you should at least think about every 3 to 4 months or so. A lot can change in that amount of time, and your personal hairstyle should reflect that as well.


If nothing more, go darker in the winter if you can and go lighter in the summer but ensure to pick your hairstyle based on your personality. Not everyone can pull off white blond or true blue-black hair color so make sure you talk with your hair stylist about any changes you wish to make.


Side view of beautiful young woman looking away while sitting on

Replace Your Beauty Routine With Natural Alternatives

Have you noticed that the list of ingredients on your shampoo and beauty care products seems to not only be growing longer and longer but now includes words and names which you are sure were completely made up?

If you have, then you aren’t alone. More and more people are starting to move away from these products to natural alternatives. However, there isn’t any real way to know if your product is coming from natural ingredients unless you make it yourself.

Which is something you just can’t do? Right?

Below are some great ways to use the items in your kitchen to replace your beauty regime.

For Those With Oily Hair

When it comes to hair types, oily hair is often considered to be the worst. Largely because the more oily your hair becomes, the more limp and lifeless it looks.

Instead of using harsh chemicals to rid your hair of excess oil, look to your kitchen pantry.

What you will need:

  • A tablespoon of apple cider vinegar
  • 7-8 ounces of water

Mix the two together until you reach a consistency which you can wash through your hair and you have just created a great way to remove excess oil from your hair each night which doesn’t include chemicals.

Of course, once you have washed out the oil in your hair it’s important that you wash your hair with clean water to rinse out any residue and odor.

A Facial

How can you say no to a facial? It has to be one of the most relaxing experiences you can have. It’s also a great way to start your night as you head out on the town to show off your recent purchase from the Groupon Coupons page for Vera Bradley.

However, it often also comes with a range of chemicals all designed to peel away imperfections in your skin.

And while they may do a good job, they can often do a harmful job, too.

What you will need:

Mix the items together until you reach a paste which you can easily apply to your skin. Then, take a spoon and smother it all over your face and neck. Now for the best part – relax!

Sit or lay down while the mixture does its job for about 10 minutes before washing it all off with clean water, resisting the urge to eat it as you do. Once this is done, be sure to dry your skin completely before applying any additional lotions you choose to use.

Dry Hair

While the first tip was oily hair, this tip is here to help those with dry hair. While it can seem like the opposite of a problem, dry hair is often unmanageable and packing in volume.

If you are tired of always wearing a hat to keep your hair under control, the answer could be awaiting you in your pantry.

What you will need:

That’s it. That’s all you need. Pour a small amount into the palm of your hands, rub your hands together briefly, and then touch your hair and roots with your fingers and palm, making sure to avoid concentrating on one area of your hair. Additionally, be sure to avoid your scalp as this can lead to clogged pores and potential problems with your scalp.

After about 10 minutes, give your hair a rinse to wash away anything which your hair didn’t absorb and you will be left with much more manageable hair.

Just because you want to look your best doesn’t mean that you have to rely on chemicals to help you fulfill the task.

Tips To Find the Best Hair Dryer for Your Hair Needs

Tips To Find the Best Hair Dryer for Your Hair Needs

Do you know which the best hair dryers are? That’s a hard question to ask simply because there are quite a few hair dryers available and choosing the right one will take a lot of determination. However, while it might seem really difficult, it can be made a lot easier once you know a few things. If you are interested in buying a top quality hair dryer, why don’t you read on? You might find one or two tips that could prove very useful to you later.

Look at the Heat Temperature Settings

Firstly, it’s important to know the type of heat temperatures the hair dryer has to offer. If the temperature settings are just stuck with one then it might be a little unsuitable for the hair. Some people want a hair dryer that offers a low, medium, and high heat temperature setting so that they can choose what’s most appropriate for their hair and you should do the same. You absolutely need to ensure the best hair dryers can offer a varied heat setting. This will help ensure your hair looks good and is protected at all times.

Tips To Find the Best Hair Dryer for Your Hair Needs

Is It Suitable For Fine Hair?

Do you have fine hair? If you have thin or fine hair you have to be very careful over the type of hair dryer you use. While any hair dryer can dry your hair, a lot of them can bring too much heat and damage your hair. You do not want to damage your hair even if you’re using heat protector spray; it’s so easy to damage your hair. It’s very important to ensure the hair dryer you use is suitable for fine hair. The best hair dryers should be able to protect the hair and dry it without destroying it. This is very important to remember.

Does It Fit Your Budget?

It’s really quite important to also think about the type of costs you are going to face and whether or not they’re suitable for your budget? Does the hair dryer really match your limits? It’s wise not to go overboard when it comes to your hair dryer as you might end up regretting it. Remember, you’re buying a hair dryer and you don’t have to pay thousands to get the best. The best hair dryers can also be the most cost-effective ones and they can ensure your hair is taken good care of. Always ensure your budget is given consideration before buying any hair dryer.

Get the Best

Your hair is important to you and you should always take the time to get the very best hair dryer. The right tool will make all the difference and it’s a lot easier to find a hair dryer that works for you too. There are so many appliances available today and you can easily find one that offers you everything you need and more. Finding the best hair dryers will be important and you don’t have to break the bank to get the very best.

The Best Hair Dryer Attachments and How to Use Them

The Best Hair Dryer Attachments and How to Use Them

You have bought the best hair dryers but what about the attachments? Do they count? Well, they can do a lot surprisingly and it’s a lot easier to use them than you might think. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people who don’t actually know how to use the attachments and end up throwing them away. You don’t have to waste the attachments; it can be a lot easier to use them than you think. Read on to find out more.

Using the Brush Attachment

Brush attachments are some of the very best accessories when it comes to hair dryers simply because they can do a lot of good. These can help straighten your hair without having to use a straightening tool which is great. You can dry and straighten the hair at the same time which is ideal. The brush can be added to the end of the dryer and you dry your hair as you normally would using the brush attachment to brush the hair. This will help to dry the hair but also straighten it, which is fantastic. The best hair dryers can come with these attachments and they can do so much for you too.

The Best Hair Dryer Attachments and How to Use Them

The Diffusers

Diffusers are ideal tools for those who have curly hair or have had a perm in the past. The diffusers can be used to ensure you don’t lose the style of the hair. This can be very important and it’ll help avoid you having to get a perm every few weeks too. A lot of people don’t think about diffusers and yet they really can offer a lot of quality. These are the tools which are easy to use and fit nicely onto the end of your hair dryer too. The best hair dryers can be a nice and simple device with some simple attachments. The attachments really can make a big difference today.

Does it Matter Which Attachments You Use?

In a way, the attachment you use can help style the hair easier or make drying a piece of cake. A lot of people dismiss attachments as they see them as a tiresome extra that isn’t used but they can be. You can absolutely use the tools to your advantage if you wanted to. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on them either as more often than not they accompany the hair dryer. The best hair dryers can come with some great attachments. These are going to help you in many ways too.

Love Your Hair

Have you thought about using hair dryer attachments? For most, it’s not something they actually think of and it’s wasteful to say the least. Attachments for hair dryers can do so much and they really don’t have to add any more trouble to your daily styling routine. You can love the hair dryer and all its simple accessories too. There’s never been a better time to get a hair dryer with some nifty dryer attachments and accessories. Buy the best hair dryers and make styling your hair easier.

More Info on Best Hair Dryers

More Info on Best Hair Dryers

Do you think about which hair dryer is right for you when it comes to choosing brunette hairstyles for women? To be honest, a lot of women don’t take a lot of time to think about which hair dryer is for them and end up buying the wrong one. While all hair dryers will dry the hair, some will not really offer you what you need or want. That’s a waste and it’ll not be great for your hair either. It’s very important to take the time to look at what the hair dryer can offer you. Read on to find out a little more about buying the best hair dryer for you.

Is This a Backup or Main Use Hair Dryer?

For those who want to have a spare hair dryer in case their regular one breaks it’s wise to ensure you don’t spend a lot of money on this. In most cases, the hair dryer will not be in use very often and it’ll end up sitting in a drawer for a few months, if not a few years! If your new hair dryer isn’t going to be the main one you use, don’t spend a lot of money on it. It might seem strange but a lot of people buy the best hair dryers only for them to sit in the drawer for months on end. It’s wasteful. Know if this new one is your backup or main hair dryer.

More Info on Best Hair Dryers

Travel Size for Convenience

A lot of people think travel sized hair dryers are useless but that isn’t always the case. If you travel a lot for work but don’t really have the space at home or the budget to buy two, why not choose a high performance hair dryer. It’ll be a smaller sized hair dryer but it’ll still be able to give a lot of power and drying power which is ideal. You absolutely want to think about this when looking for the right hair dryer. When you’re looking at brunette hairstyles for women you want to ensure the right hair dryer is found. Travel size machines can be great if you think about it and find the right ones.

It Has to Be One You’re Happy With

The best hair dryer is the one you are happy and content with! If you are thinking about buying a hair dryer you have to ensure you’re actually happy with it otherwise you are wasting money. You might think that’s a bit strange but in truth the best is the one you like. The best hair dryers can be cost-effective and one you love! It will make all the difference when it comes to buying the best.

Visit this Link: http://www.coloradowomenofvision.org/tips-find-hair-dryer-hair/

Buy the Best Hair Dryer

It’s easy to say this hair dryer is the best or that one is better but, in truth, everyone is different. There are going to be some who say they love one and others who disagree entirely. At the end of the day you have to go by your instincts and what you feel is more suitable for your hair. It will make all the difference. Find the best hair dryers and take care of your hair.