What you Need to Know Before and After Going Blonde

In this article I will be discussing all the things that I think any natural should know before and after going blonde.

Put Oils in Your Hair

Prior to bleaching your hair or coloring your hair in any way in the first place is you can put oils in your hair, leave them on overnight and then the next day whenever you are going to color your hair you put it on over the oil. This basically creates like a barrier or a protective layer around your hair and even your scalp from all the chemicals that you’ll be putting in it when you color your hair.

What you Will Need

Another thing you should definitely know before bleaching your hair or coloring your hair is the cost of getting all the materials you’ll need to do it. You will need a mixing bowl, an application brush, a whole entire pack of latex gloves, a pack of shower caps, two packs of quick blue bleaching powder, two developing creams and the Willa toner.

Texture Change

The very first thing you will notice after going blonde is that the texture of your hair is going to change a lot like your curl pattern would be a lot more loose than it naturally is. Your hair is going to change in texture it’s going to change in porosity and how it feels. Also your hair will be super dry to a level you have never felt before in your life. You can remedy the drying by using more moisturizing products.

Your Hair will Respond to Products Differently

Another thing that you might notice after going blonde is that your hair responds to products way differently than they did prior to going blonde or you’ll find yourself needing to use more products or even less products. For some people, their hair becomes very itchy after going blonde. More details here: https://it.pinterest.com/pin/97531148160037077/?lp=true

Use Hot Oil Treatments to Keep Your Hair Moisturized

One of the best ways you can keep your bleached hair moisturized is through hot oil treatments. A hot oil treatment is as simple as literally at night grab your favorite oil rub it in your hands, thoroughly distribute it throughout your whole head, put a shower cap on, put a scarf on over the shower cap and go to sleep. So what happens with the shower cap is that it’s trapping the heat obviously keeping this scar from the do-rag on top of it is going to further trap in the heat but it’s also going to keep the shower cap from slipping off in the middle of the night or oil getting all over your pillowcase which would be kind of disgusting. I definitely do like this like a super quick and simple easy way. In the morning do not wash your hair with shampoo just go wash your hair using a conditioner and your hair will feel super moisturized, shiny, lively and look super healthy.


Another thing that you’ll want to keep in mind is co-washing is going to be your friend. You do not want to use shampoos that are going to strip all the moisture and oil out of your hair. This might start sounding really redundant, but you want to get away from your hair being dry as much as possible so you want to use every measure that you possibly can to keep your hair super moisturized and one of the ways you can do that is just by co-washing your hair which is using a conditioner to wash your hair. We all know that shampoos are there to clean your hair but as for cleaning your hair they’re also taking away oils that your hair needs to just be shiny and healthy and not dull and so the less you do of that, the better it will be for the basic feel and look of your hair so your hair won’t look dry and frizzy and it also won’t feel super dry.

Once you’re blonde you’re in the perfect position to play around with other colors, obviously if your hair is naturally a darker color you’re going to have a harder time playing around with even temporary colors. I feel like all these things will help you in making your decision and what you need to know before and after going blonde.