4 Ways Your Hairstyle Says A Lot About You


We are all born with only so much hair and no matter what, we are never really happy with it. It never long enough or its too short its always too something. We change the hairstyle often, the color, straighten it, curl it, always giving it a new style.

First-time expression

Your hairstyle says a lot about you to the person you are meeting for the first time. Think about it, have you ever met someone, and you can’t keep looking them in their eyes because they have amazing hair? Or the opposite they have something different, like a streak of grey or roots showing, or streaks of some bright off the wall color? If you are a business person, your hairstyle needs to reflect that you are in control, confident, and proud of what you do

It gives a clue of your age

There are hairstyles that the youth are attracted to, but as they get older, they begin to get attracted to a new look. Women, on the other hand, don’t think that way when it comes to graying hair. We tend to freak out at finding a single gray one! If graying is a problem for you, then its time to talk with your hair stylist on a color that most closely matches yours now. Check here.

Knowledge of Style and fashion

The kind of hairstyle you put on shows your knowledge about style trends and fashion. Stand in front of a mirror and take a good look at your hair, does your hairstyle really fit you? Have you changed your style or is it the same style you have had since high school? As we grow older, the style we had in high school will probably not work today. Our face shape changes as we get older, so the style of your hair needs to reflect that.

If you lost weight, your hairstyle was probably better for when your face was rounder, now with a thinner face you need to change the style of your hair to show off a new you! The same reason also works if you just broke up with someone, we tend to want to say we are going to “wash that man right out of our hair” and that means get a new style that says we are ready to try again. Same goes for color, do you have the same color as you did say two years ago? Much can change in that time so you may want to update your color as well.

Your Lifestyle

Your hairstyle also shows your lifestyle, if you are a corporate individual or an entertainer the can of hairstyle you put on will tell. Taking the time to really look at your hairstyle, thinking about the amount of time you want to take, and if a new color or style would suit you is something you should at least think about every 3 to 4 months or so. A lot can change in that amount of time, and your personal hairstyle should reflect that as well.


If nothing more, go darker in the winter if you can and go lighter in the summer but ensure to pick your hairstyle based on your personality. Not everyone can pull off white blond or true blue-black hair color so make sure you talk with your hair stylist about any changes you wish to make.